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Anyone at Nara's poker night whenever it was?


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07 September 2008 @ 01:53 am

My everywhere hurts.
Suck it better?
Man. I don't even know. But fuckin' ow, man. My nose is never gonna look the same.
But god damnit that was a good fight.
Kibs - I'm proud to start brawls in clubs with you - you're a good guy to have as an ally.
Excellent Curbstompage.

And then I had a job the next day.
But get this. With Gaara.
What the hell, man?
I don't mean to wax film noir on you guys, but:
Of all the porn sets, in all the towns, in all the world, he had to walk into mine.
God bless you Bogart. A line for every occasion.

I guess it's confusing more than anyone else. I don't know if I'm cool with the idea of sharin' my friends with him.
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But I don't have a choice. I guess, I'll just... Uh. Be a man? .__.

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I think maybe. Just maybe, everything's going to work.
Don't ask me how. 'Cause I don't really know.
But currently shit is working with Minato, Iruka, Kiba and Shino.
The whole KIM Embassy appears to be allied. FUCKYES.

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Uh so, not a lot else to report. I guess I'm just happy that shit's going well for once.
Except we're out of cereal and I'm sleeping on the couch for making wife jokes. :(
I've got work for once - Minato, Ten Ten, and get this Suigetsu. I lol'd so hard I thought I was gonna die. Seriously. He's really not happy about this. *grin*

Man. Life is sweet.
I'm going out on the fire escape to smoke. If you're in the area come see me.

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Oh god. Shit is getting weird, right now.
On like, a million different levels. Not necessarily a bad thing Well, in some cases, anyway..
But... No, definitely weird.

Please, someone tell me it's not just me, right?
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Cake making this evening.

--Korea out.
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17 August 2008 @ 04:57 pm
Get the fuck over the fag list thing.
You are proving him right over and over again by bitching about it.
Lighten up.
I'm not even gonna say 'OH LOL IT'S A JOKE', because it probably wasn't.
But seriously.
It's retarded, and whingey to listen to.
♥ Mr A. Fag

Moving on.

Afternoon Guys.
At least... I think it's afternoon. My mouth feels like I've eaten a kitten.
It's all furred up and disgusting.
And I am no longer drunk. I am in fact, at the stage where I am far too sober - you know the feeling I mean. Where you suddenly remember everything about the previous night in one huge wave of "LOLWUT".
Not that it was a bad night. Quite the opposite, actually.
I should move in with Minato and get him drunk more often. Heh.
Damn the guy's got sharp nails though.
He's still sleeping it off and I've got the mother of hangovers - he will have too, whenever he wakes up - so I'm going to delay that for a while.
A crabby Minato is not one you want to see.
But it's box city in here. I'm not even sure when I'm gonna try and figure out how to unpack shit.

Anyway. There should be a KIM meeting later this week. Made easier by Korea and China's sharing of territory. Iran can just come chill. Don't know what's gonna go down at that. Could be anything.
And Iran...? Well. I'm glad Iran never got paid. ♥

Had a good, but awkward conversation with Shino - the guy's adorable. We're gonna go out at some point, which should be cool. I've been out for coffee with him already, and hopefully we'll get to hang out more. See how everything goes.
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The lease for my old apartment still lasts until late September - so if anyone wants to use it for anything, (illicit love affairs, cult gatherings, Reservoir Dogs type hideouts etc) let me know, and you'll be provided with the keys.
Edit: Belongs to Karin now. :3
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Sorry to everyone I wigged out on in that post before. I'm okay now.
Apart from my head. Thanks China.

Finally people have gotten off their asses and decided to get some more stuff shot.
I kind of need my next paycheck, or I'm out of my apartment.

I lent Iruka money, and I just spent my last $30 on a new air filter for the Ninja.
Looks like I'm living off mushrooms on the bathmat again.
Mmm. Nutritious.

And Halo 3 game- Are people still up for it?
I know Kiba is, and Naruto.
Udon and Minato interested as well?

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That meeting was really a complete waste of time and resources, right?
By resources I just mean piss-poor coffee and Hinata's snacks. Om nom nom.
I think 'revolution', sums it up.
I guess it sufficiently introduced everyone though.

A run down of events:
» Made Shino - yeah Shino, the one that laughs for no man! Laugh like twice. Skillz.
» Temari tried to kill me. >:
» Naruto is providing me with beer in return for telling him horrible stories.
» Minato was late. Because he sucks.

Off to play the SNES now, and pretend that my 360 isn't broken.
It just got more pixellated. With worse sound. And 2D-ness. And...
Oh, sack that. I'll just go to bed and bother Minato in the morning.

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08 August 2008 @ 06:36 pm
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07 August 2008 @ 10:25 pm
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